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What would a fair be without a little friendly competition? At the Berlin Fair, contestants of all ages can draw on a wide range of talents (or those of their babies or pet frogs and turtles) in pursuit of first prize.

Baby Contest

Bring your baby to this competition to determine if you have the youngest, chubbiest, friendliest, or if your baby has the best smile. Prizes go to the following groups:
Class 1 (up to 1 year old)

  • Youngest
  • Chubbiest
  • Best Smile

Class 2 (up to 2 years old)

  • Friendliest
  • Chubbiest
  • Best Smile

Children Tractor Pull

On the blacktop children can ride tractors around a course.

Nail Driving Contest

Can you hammer in two nails faster than your friends? Compete in this competition to show off your strength. Men and women compete in their own division.
Prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: 20 lb. Turkey
  • Second Prize: 10 lb. Turkey
  • Third, Fourth, & Fifth Prizes: Stanley Hammers

Blueberry Pie Eating Contest

The blueberry pie eating contest is open to everyone aged 4 to 12. Winners are awarded in two groups, those aged 4-7 and those aged 8-12.

Frog Jump Contest

Bring your pet frog and see how far it can jump. Start training now to see how far your frog can go after three jumps. On Saturday children may bring their amphibious friends and on Sunday adults may bring theirs.
Prizes for the ADULT frog jumping contest (contestants 18 yrs. or older)

  • First Prize: $75.00
  • Second Prize: $50.00
  • Third Prize: $25.00

Turtle Race

Children may bring their turtles and race them against the others. The first turtle to the finish line wins!


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