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Family Shows

Pool Party Pooches


The Dynamo Dogs are veteran performing dogs that demonstrate everything from trick dog show routines to Frisbee® dog acrobatics. They’ve performed all over the country with their entertaining dog variety act.

The Pool Party Pooches is the Dynamo Dogs ground act featuring a portable dog dock and pool. This show combines disc, agility, and tricks with high jumping dock dogs!

Pool Party Pooches perform everything from trick dog show routines to agility and dock diving. All these skills come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The Dynamo Dogs vary in both size and skill, and many have been adopted or rescued. As part of the ground act, you’ll see hoop and rolling barrel tricks, fast action disc dog routines, high jump, and much more! For dock diving, our canine performers make leaps as far as 20′ for the whole crowd to enjoy!


The Wild World of Animals show is one of the premier grounds act in the entertainment industry. Its unique blend of animal diversity and environmental messages coupled with originally scripted non-stop laughter, especially an opinionated pig, makes for an enjoyable time for the whole family.

Have you ever held a 13-FOOT, 100-POUND PYTHON, starred into the eyes of BRUTUS, or unknowingly worn a safari vest filled with CREEPY CRITTERS? Our volunteers get to do that and much more!

The Wild World of Animals show is fast-paced and full of energy! The animals in the show range from arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, birds and finally mammals. Our audience learns interesting animal facts, laughs at their antics and witnesses their amazing natural abilities. Don’t blink or you may miss an animal running, slithering, jumping or flying across our stage!

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Carriage Driving Demonstration

Join us for an exciting and educational demonstration of carriage driving. This demonstration features, Driving Horses, Mini Horses, Ponies and Donkeys.

Carriage driving is a form of competitive horse driving harness in which larger two or four wheeled carriages (sometimes restored antiques) are pulled by a single horse, a pair, tandem or a four-in-hand team.

Sunday, Sept. 17: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Located at the World of Wheels Track

Sponsored by the CT Valley Driving Club

For more information on the CT Valley Driving Club please visit their website at

Jurassic Kingdom

NO other “Puppet Show” compares to what Jurassic Kingdom has to offer!!! This production is designed to be
mobile ,and educational! Starting a whole new line of ‘what we are now calling’ EDU- TAINMENT.

Not only do our audiences get to see life like dinosaurs in ACTION, they also have the opportunity to touch, and interact with them throughout the show.


Lucy stands 14ft high and over 50ft long.

Come out to the fair for a one of a kind photo opportunity with this massive fossil taking you back 65 million year ago

Nerdy Noah

Most jugglers will dazzle you with amazing feats of balance and skill. Nerdy Noah, isn’t like most jugglers.

He’s a millennial and the marquee says it all “There must be an easier way to do this!”

Watch in amazement as Noah harnesses technology to achieve untold laziness. This is chainsaw juggling meets 4 way stretch pants. From Las Vegas to Dubai, he’s Googled it all! So what are you waiting for, come settle in for an evening that is both enchanting and hilarious. It's the best thing since avocado toast.

Aquatic Acrobatic Show

5 generations of the most talented performers, will absolutely amaze you. feauturing word class acts, springboard maneuver, living mermaids, aqua bola feats, even a Jet Ski!! plus ..... much much more!!

Featuring a 30 minute show, we can guarantee that you, and your guests will have a great time at your event.

This unique water stage production, is Modern, Magical, and Magnificent.... But Most of All its Memorable.

Aquatic Acrobatic Show Website Website

Dan LaRosa Comedy Hypnosis Show

America’s Fastest & Funniest Hypnotist

Dan LaRosa is America’s Fastest and Funniest hypnotist. His spectacular show is off and running while others are still putting their subjects to sleep. His breathtaking and theatrical hypnosis performances captivate audiences with excitement and awesome thought-provoking fun.

Dan LaRosa’s comedy hypnosis show will surprise and amaze you as you witness the incredible power of the human subconscious. (And most importantly, will guarantee you have an awesome time — especially if you volunteer!)


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