Sept. 12th – 15th, 2024 | 430 Beckley Rd, Berlin,
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Floydian Trip


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Floydian Trip is New England’s Premier Pink Floyd Tribute. Fans of classic Pink Floyd music will be elated as Floydian Trip recreates Floyd’s heavily celebrated touring years. Floydian Trip brings back the sounds and energy of Pink Floyd from their Dark Side of The Moon tour through The Wall tour. From Time to Comfortably Numb. From Pigs (Three Different Ones) to Wish You Were Here. Floydian Trip has been working tirelessly to nail the sound of Pink Floyd in their prime. The band’s personal love and dedication to the music shines through on every note they play.

Floydian Trip will be performing Dark Side of The Moon along with Wish You Were Here in their entirety (along with other Pink Floyd classics) in celebration of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon’s 50th anniversary. The band sincerely hopes that people enjoy the show and if they weren’t already fans of Pink Floyd, they go home and seek out the original recordings from the 1970s. So enjoy a night out, relax, and connect with or reconnect with the music of Pink Floyd.

Make sure to follow Floydian Trip’s social accounts (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube) @floydiantripband #floydiantripband. Sign up for the Floydian Trip Mailing list at


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